Who Am I?


My name is Elijah Rosenbaum. I'm an Eagle Scout, an NYU Graduate, and I'm interested in Cannabis. From my podcast The CannaCast, to my trip to Detroit to volunteer for the High Times Cannabis Cup passing out free dabs to VIPs, to taking a course at NYU on weed, to my favorite strains to smoke myself, Cannabis is a passion.

In addition to Cannabis, I love Coffee, Tobacco, Alcohol, and quality craftsmanship. I enjoy learning and discovering new and better ways of improving both customer experience and products. Once I finish a task I am eager to start another and always looking to find something new to do. 

That's enough from me though, if you want to read what others have said about me or would like to read my resume, scroll down. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you! If you'd like to contact me, you can email: rosenbaumelijah@gmail.com

Don't Take My Word For it!

"Elijah is a very ambitious individual who’s passion for knowledge has made him a fantastic employee. He always strives to know more about the task he is performing in order to best serve his purpose. He always has a positive attitude towards which ever task he is presented with. He arrives to work on time and ready for the day ahead no matter what happened the day before or the hours worked. Elijah enjoys staying busy and will always offer assistance during slow parts of the day. Overall, he is an incredibly efficient employee that is a pleasure to work with day after day."

— Will Blaire, Stage Manager Stephen Foster Story

(Also Supervisor during time at 102.7 WOKH)


New York University - New York NY

Global Liberal Studies Program Graduated May 2019

One year studying Abroad in Tel Aviv, Israel

Concentration: Politics, Human Rights, and Economic Development



Nature's Treatment of Illinois


Budtender: Stay updated on the latest research, products, and legislative news to best consult patients on treatments for a wide variety of ailments and needs ranging from late stage cancer, to Opioid Addicts, to veterans with PTSD, to mental illness, to a variety of other maladies and needs. 

June 2020 - Present

Family - Caregiver

Post Stroke Elderly 

July 2019-November 2019

Inner Traditions Publishing

Audiobook Narration

November 2018 - May 2019

CNN - 2016 Democratic Primary Debate

                Media Check In, Spin Room, Runner     

 April 2016-April 2016

Flak Media/Blog


August 2015-June 2016

Jerusalem Bird Sanctuary

Ecological Conservation

January 2018 - May 2018

The Senpai Project

Writing/Web Design

January 2017-October 2017

2016 Sanders Presidential Campaign

Event Coordination, Door to Door,  Cold Calls

January 2016 -- June 2016

102.7 WOKH Radio

Radio personality and Reporter

March 2015 -- August 2015


  Eagle Scout

Commonwealth Ambassador


Cannabis Knowledge




Interpersonal Communication

Public Speaking


Microsoft Office/Google Docs

Time Management




NYU GLS Senior Thesis

Street Art in Tel Aviv

In my thesis I worked on an almost two year research project made up of both secondary sources and primary research conducted by myself about the street art community in Tel Aviv including interviews, photos, and statistics. During the course of this process, I tracked down anonymous and discreet artists working by Pseudonyms using a variety of methods from tracking social media, to asking around bars, to making friends with tattoo parlor owners to find a way to get word to the people I needed to talk to. One anonymous artist I found by finding a street art tour guide who knew his private social media account, which I then contacted him through and asked to meet. We met in public and we then had a 3 hour interview on street art and in particular street art in tel aviv. 


Active Blog Since 2016

I keep an active blog of observations, interests, and updates on what I am currently doing on my personal website. Writing is a passion for me, and I like to improve my skills constantly to better my ability to communicate with other people. I find that it helps tremendously professionally as well, having to write both for copy in a media environment and to discuss new ideas and plans with fellow employees.