A Blog Update and Update on my Absence

I've definitely fallen down in the past month with posts and I should start by apologizing for that, and while this might be a little counter-productive, my first post back will actually be about my blog. Or rather my blog and what it has become. While I have been falling down a bit on writing, taking two rather long breaks, there is an explanation coming. I have been writing just not within regular blog posts. Although that's an excuse to some extent for not keeping up. Regardless.

First exciting blog thing, people are starting to make logins for the website! This is a big deal to me because eventually I'm hoping to build a community around my writing as it becomes less of a personal blog and more of a blog about my writing, art, and projects with personal updates. Building a community around my work is a long, long term goal that I have as a way to achieve one of my macro, big picture goals in the world: to increase the understanding, the empathy, and the quality with which people talk to each other and discuss ideas to make the world and their communities a better place. Creating more logins for the site means that there are more people that are able to discuss ideas, bring in as many varied opinions as possible, and allow the ideas on the website to be a starting point for discussion, rather than just a dictation of a single person's voice.

Second part of exciting blog news, Recently I got a message from a woman that I met while traveling in Ireland this January, many many posts to follow on that wonderful adventure. I'll leave here name out of the post but I met her in the Rowan Tree Hostel in Ennis. I spent a few days there at the hostel and it ended up that the first night there it was just her and I in a room that fit 12. We ended up talking about many different things over the next few days for what ended up being hours, and at the end we swapped emails and went our seperate ways. I'd thought about her often though since I got back to Tel Aviv and had been meaning to send her an email when I saw an alert an my email inbox from my blog. After checking it, I see that it's from her. What was so exciting, in addition to getting a message from someone I met in my travels, was that someone actually got in touch with me through my blog!

One of the reasons that I started this personal blog originally was to be able to inform the people I know already of my activities and my thoughts while exploring the world. What I didn't think would it would turn into was a way to keep in touch with the friends and people that I've met while abroad. With social media being what it is and how impersonal it is, it feels incredibly gratifying to have people connect to me through my own personal mode of communication, rather than a platform that's become quite impersonal. The ability for me to keep in contact with people through this website and through this blog feels incredible. Example two, a preschool teacher of mine, found my blog online and sent me a message through it to say hello! If that isn't an odd connection what is? If my preschool teacher and a random friend from abroad can find me with nothing but my name, then anyone I meet can find me.

Now all of this is probably sounds like a pretty obvious rumination on something not that spectacular, but it is. It's a validation in an odd way of what I've worked towards for the past 10 months. It's an extension of myself that allows people direct access to me without a middle man. People that want to keep in touch with me are actually keeping up on with what I'm doing. Maybe this is a little bit of a pat on the back but sometimes you need to. To take stock of your successes, and realize that you can be so close to something that you don't realize how far you've come.

That's all of the blog news, coming up I'm planning on putting out several blog posts on my walks through the woods of Ireland, rock climbing in Wadi Rum in Jordan, and swimming in the dead sea here in Israel. There is so much material to put out that it's sliding out my ears. If there's so much material why haven't there been more posts you may ask? Well it's because I've been working on a larger project that I'm hoping to explain in a few months

once it becomes a bit more concrete. The suction of my writing time has been towards a good cause though. Thank you everyone for being patient with me on the most recent blog post and it's time to get back on track. Good luck to everyone reading and Thank you for your support.

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