Cannabis Curing Horizons: Curidor XL Pro Review

Wanting to look for higher and higher quality in cannabis storage is natural, especially with the recent states opening up craft, and possible microbusiness licenses, not to mention home grows! With more and more individuals looking to find the maximum in their cannabis, the focus has become ever increasingly not just on the growing of the cannabis itself, but in extending the post harvest process of maturing cannabis by curing, allowing the plant material to be consumed and the water to evaporate, leaving the greatest degree of trichome to biomass possible, as well as for other reasons.

Curing cannabis is the buzzword in flower right now, and for good reason too. It shows maturity of the industry. When we look at what the definitions of quality are: smoothness of smoke, depth of flavor, enjoyability, and changes in effects, curing aids in all, although, there will always be some who prefer the taste of freshly dried, or a desire for a bud with a much louder, more aggressive scent and experience. Looking further though, by utilizing curing, we can create products that don’t exist in a fresh harvest. Better medicine in many cases, with more balanced effects, as well as more nuanced, complex effects and flavors. With recent research into hashish aging, possibly new cannabinoids not present in fresh harvests but that’s a story for another time.

I was fortunate enough to be able to preorder a Curidor XL, and test out keeping my buds sealed off from the light, although they already sit inside mylar jars. Multiple layers of protection though--don’t want anything getting in. Especially since this would add precise temperature control, as well as allowing a more even cure over time, taking away one variable in the struggle for prepping the perfect buds for consumption. I’ve had it for a few months now and it’s given me enough time to give it a chance, as well as a bit of a test run.

The curidor itself isn’t that bulky, fitting the same size as a wine cooler or a mini fridge, although very sleek with a stainless steel and black shell and a clear glass front. Wooden shelves hold your jars of preference, thankfully not cedar.

In the tradition of Humidors for Cigars, we will inevitably trend into a strong market for at home curing and storage, I think. Looking at the market for specialty whiskeys, cigar preservation as everyone likes to talk about now, as well as other ingredients and products that need careful guidance along the path to the peak of perfection. Just like other industries that provide for the individual conniousseur, if the industry is going to climb higher in terms of quality as well as size, the need for humidity control, temperature control, and filtered air are the three qualities that have to be controlled to cure one’s own cannabis.

Especially if home cannabis growing continues to become legalized and widespread , people will be looking to make their own cannabis that can exceed commercial quality cannabis, especially with the fluctuations in quality from the high growth of current US Commercial Cultivators. The different options to cure and keep cannabis for extended periods will hopefully grow over time at the upper end of the market, but for now, there are a few different options. There is a niche, but very expensive market for devices that will precisely humidify and maintain temperature for any manner of different delectibles. It shouldn’t be surprising that there are already at least a half a dozen different options on how to store your weed.

This past week Derek Gillman of the Ganjier program talked about his best storage methods for containers, so I thought I would pick up where he left off--with Mylar Jars.

I use light-proof jars with ground glass lids and store roughly 14-24 grams depending on nug size and stage of cure. The smell, as it veritably explodes out of the jar, I attribute to the jars themselves, but also to the coolness of their surroundings, recently lowered, as well as shaded by the tinted glass door. There’s definitely been a marked improvement from without the curidor. Leading to the next step--ensuring consistent humidity and temperature control. The Curidor XL Pro definitely succeeds at keeping my cannabis at the correct temperature, and the improvement falls into three categories: Smell, Stickiness, and Taste. I feel as if the temperature control helped to keep my buds from off-gassing additional terpenes, despite the comment about the smell exploding out of the jar. While the release of natural terpenes, alcohol esters, and other compounds is not a good thing, whatever you smell means you’re not smoking it, I think the quality of containment had more to do with it because of the quality of the corresponding smoke. I definitely feel as though the first nugs are just as fresh as the last ones, although this varies between who and in what state you get those nugs from originally.

Don't worry, the labels are on the lids.

Now, while Curidor offers humidity options for larger room setups via a special setup, outside of my price range, it isn’t a standard feature yet. That would probably be my biggest hope for a future generation of Curidor XL: humidity control.

While it’s definitely a major step in the right direction, it is a little disappointing setting up your stash at the perfect temperature only to find you need a secondary source for humidity control like boveda packs, or other internal options. While there’s nothing wrong with alternative solutions, I do wish that I could have a humidity control directly on the device for the total package.

The importance of humidity in controlling not only mold and fungus formation, but the cure and evolution of your stash of freshly grown can’t be understated either. With a name like Curidor, it feels intuitive that at least part of the market will be looking for both humidity and temperature control. Especially with more and more home growers looking to cure, as well as dry, their cannabis flower. The added carbon filter from the Curidor Pro would be a nice upgrade too for cleanliness but this is the first go around for the Curidor XL.

Apart from that, the Curidor is worthwhile for anyone wanting to take their cannabis control up a notch with temperature control. While the larger, and more expensive, Curidor Pro exists already with the benefit of a carbon filter for cleanliness, it also doesn’t have humidity control sadly.

Time will tell on the durability and craftsmanship, mine has been running for about a month or two now with no issues. The Curidor itself is pretty quiet and kicks itself on and off as needed, allowing minimal rumbling. You can hear it quietly plugging away somewhat, but nothing to be really intrusive.

If you have little ones running around, you may want to try a curidor as well since it comes with a lock in the front door for secure storage. Or if you have roommates who are generous with your stash.

At the end of the day, is it worth it?

Yes, I think so. If you’re looking to up your game and step up your cannabis storage, as well as protection for your stash, I think it’s sleek, discreet, unobtrusive, and does a great job at keeping your cannabis (or concentrates if you swing that way) at constant temperatures to prevent cannabanoid and terpene loss as well as thc degradation. Is it for everyone? Probably not, unless you’re looking to put out for the deliberate upgrade in your stash. It’s an especially nice addition if you have different strains at one time to select between, letting you take your time rather than burn through all of one after another. It’s not for everyone though, if you have just an eighth or two week to week, there are better, less expensive options.

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