Hotboxing a Box Fort

Recently we’ve received a flood of packages to our house, some of them enormous, refrigerator category boxes. Of course, when you get a flood of enormous cardboard boxes, you build a box fort.

I also just bought an eighth and so of course you want to hotbox. Therefore, So my thought process goes, “Why not build a hotbox box fort?”

Sidenote: A hotbox is where you sit in a small, closed in space like a car or a small room and light up with someone else. The clouds of pot smoke are going to fill up pretty fast so not only do you get to smoke your joint, you can also pick up a nice contact high that enhances.

Now, I’m not going to defend the state of this boxfort. It is a perfect monstrosity. But it has 4 walls and a chimney for smoke so it fits the bill. It also held in smoke like a champ if you covered up the chimney so let’s go. Like I always say, function over form, and it functioned to perfection. Did this serve a purpose? No, no it did not. It was silly, and goody, and a perfect piece of tomfoolery and it was great. My life is a million times better for the experience, in fact. If you haven’t, I highly recommend going out for a couple of large cardboard boxes this instant and try it yourself. Results will not disappoint.

Things are cool and awesome and amazing because you don't have to worry about it too hard. You just do it and see how it comes out. And if it looks terrible, and was messed up, it is still amazing for you and the people involved. You manufactured an amazing memory for the price of three hours and some cardboard plus a joint.

More than that though, You did something. So many people so often get caught up in not doing things because of what people would think, or what if it doesn’t go perfectly, or what if it’s not as good as i imagined? The reality is that 99 percent of the time it’ll be better than you imagined, and the times it went wrong are going to be hilarious memories that you’re going to laugh about once the damage is repaired or the mess is cleaned up.

We freak ourselves out of most of the best things that could have happened to us. If we’d just do it and let today be today, we’d all be quite a bit happier. Sometimes life is just about living life.

We also have an ever increasing need to do things that are “productive” or that we can turn into a job. Things have to be serial and working towards some larger goal. In reality, we don’t know what events are going to provide the greatest returns. Just the sheer relief from doing something you want to do, without having a higher reason is incredible.

And the biggest reason, that little voice that says, that’s stupid. In fact it can be one of the highlights of your memory. When you laugh and ask friends, Why did we do that? And there’s no good answer. Sometimes the right move is just to get out and do something. Activity breeds activity and doing something for no reason can launch you on to tackling problems you never would have felt like doing.

The three biggest ways that I see people do this is when someone talks about the books they want to read, the gardens and plants they want to have, or the things they want to learn how to cook. Each of those things doesn’t do anything on its own. But can lead to amazing results and tons of new experiences, especially when you add them up.

This isn’t exactly doing something for no reason. But it’s no reason adjacent. You don’t have to be working towards any sort of education or enhancement or even entertainment to read a book. You don’t have to try and build your skills or become some sort of master chef just to try out a new recipe. And you don’t have to be working to try and set up a stall in a farmer’s market, just because you started a couple of tomato plants.

Big things have strange beginnings, and if you cut yourself off from variation and from trying strange new things, you stay the same. The cost to going and doing something like building a cardboard boxfort is very low, but the fun of hotboxing in that boxfort is ten times as amazing.

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