Vero, The New Social Media You Haven't Heard of Yet

An anomaly popped up in my instagram feed today. Sound the alarms, you saw something odd on instagram, i know, but hear me out. Three different artists

that I follow and really enjoy all have joined this new social media platform: Vero.

I'm not a fan of social media, I'm somewhere near the apocalyptic destroying

people's minds camp, but i do recognize its incredible utility and ability to affect change. I just finished a book in fact called Twitter and Tear Gas, about the

strengths and weaknesses of revolution with social media as a networking tool. I think that Vero might be different though, Here's Why:

1. It gave me a prompt to post about the books I've read.

I have an automatic option on the central post menu for giving my book recommendations! I love to read and, in my personal professional opinion as a literary

sommelier, I think more people should read more books. It's one of the greatest sources of self-improvement, education, and exposure to new ideas and concepts. A source

that I still think gives video and audio a run for their money because of the personalized nature of the medium that causes each user to automatically personalize and

internalize it in a way that is impossible with an external medium. It doesn't hurt that I'm also a writer as well and may be more than a little biased. I love the

written word and my writing, and I can't wait to try it out. That my social media asks me to comment on this and share it with others makes me over the moon


2. It is based on a subscriber model of revenue rather than an ad based system.

I love this concept that there isn't that third party looking over my shoulder, constantly trying to inundate me with advertisements. What I will be on the lookout for,

however, is whether or not Vero is going to end up being beholden to stockholders that might take away the very concept that is drawing me to this platform.

3. Artists are starting profiles pretty fast.

Three different artists that I follow have all recently started up Vero profiles. This says something. Wherever artists and creatives are flocking to, that's where you

want to be. Not only does it allow you to get in on the ground level with a brand new social media platform before most other people, but it allows you to connect to

a small community of mostly movers, shakers, and driven people it seems like. And when creatives and movers, achem, move in, things happen. Like Grenwich Village,

change the game, Tesla change.

4. It feels cool.

And finally it just feels cool and exciting. Like some bizarre mixture of Tumblr, Instagram, and LinkedIn, this site has wide appeal and it's going to be great to connect with others on. The feeling that I get from it and from the people I've been seeing on it so far is that it's going to be great for people who want to connect and network across disciplines and fields. A weird hodge, podge of a million different things at the same time, it feels like that's exactly what the creator's are trying to make this site. I like it, while still in it's Beta format, you can absolutely see this site taking shape, as well as the behemoth it could become.

I highly recommend checking it out, especially since the first million people get a free account and get their subscription fee waived for life.

A neat little gimmick to ratchet up the follows before they start charging. I think that this might be the chance for a lot of people to get in on the ground level on something that they'll wish they had in a year or two. We'll have to see how things pan out for Vero after the first million subscribers but I'm excited to see what happens! Maybe social media Goliath Facebook is about to get a poke in the eye after it the internet waves were starting to settle around what companies controlled social media.

Want to check out Vero? Here's a link to their site. If you're on Vero or just taking a look at them let me know what you think! Comment below and let's talk about this app.

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