What's a Ganjier?

"In the tradition of the wine sommelier, cigar aficionado, or master chocolatier, Ganjier is a first-of-its-kind, rigorous, multi-tiered cannabis sommelier certification created and taught by the most respected names in the field with the intent of producing an entirely new class of cannabis professional—the Ganjier."

Who's the Bluegrass Ganjier?

Originally from the knobs of Nelson County, in Kentucky, I've enjoyed coffee shops and hookah lounges from New York City, to Tel Aviv, Istanbul, and Dublin. Starting as a High Times Cannabis Cup Volunteer, to working as a 

As a Ganjier in Training I spend my time studying and honing my cannabis knowledge & service skills, working as a Medical Cannabis Agent, consulting as well as assisting with Menu Curation. 

As a Connoisseur of Cannabis, I look to a cannabis industry focused not only on quantity, but quality.


Quality built on a foundation of not just sustainably grown, but environmentally regenerative, cannabis farms. A cannabis industry not just passively observing the destruction of the planet, but actively working to undo the damage focused on caring for and supporting the local and regional communities in which they exist.

The foundation of the cannabis industry must be to generate the greatest amount of good, for the greatest amount of people, promoting environmentally regenerative agricultural practices, and self sustainability made possible with modern science, traditional agricultural wisdom, and bravery towards a future in which everyone can share in the wealth of the cannabis plant.

-Elijah Rosenbaum

Bluegrass Ganjier in Training